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India Property Clinic: All Your Real Estate Requirements Under One Roof

Looking for a site to enlist your property so it can have maximum visibility and help you sell your house at the best rate? Do you want to put up advertisements for rentals and haven’t had the faintest idea where to do that? Your search ends with us.

Welcome to India Property Clinic. We are the largest and the most preferred property listing portal in India and abroad. With us, all your real estate requirements, be it buying, selling, or renting, is sure to be met adequately. Reaching out to potential tenants or buyers requires that your property is exposed to an audience. Property listing sites comes in handy, meeting that purpose adequately. And, we are the best and the largest among the real estate listing sites. With us, you don’t need to spend hours trying to sell or rent your property. You just need to list it on India Property Clinic and within minutes your property will gain the required visibility and rope in the best customers.

You might be a builder, an agent, or an owner, it really doesn’t matter. Listing your property for sale or rental is all you need to do. It just takes a couple of minutes to list your property in our portal. And, that’s it! You’re done. With thousands of visitors looking for properties for buying or tenanting, your property is sure to meet the best customers.

Who We are

India Property Clinic is an online portal where you can list your properties for sale or for rent. We are the largest and the most trusted property listing site that buyers prefer and sellers trust. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, or where your property is located, you can list your property from anywhere and find local or global customers with ease.

Benefits of Listing with Us

Property listing is a must-do thing if you are looking for potential buyers or tenants. And, listing your property at our portal comes with added advantages. From getting exposure to a large number of visitors across the globe to meeting any other real estate requirements that you might have, our portal is the one-stop solution for everything.

Free Listing

Listing is absolutely free of cost! Yes, you heard that right. If you have a property and looking for customers for buying or renting, you’ll do good if you list that at our portal. And, we will not charge anything for listing. Your property will get maximum visibility and exposure to a large number of audiences for free.

Services We Specialize in

From buying to renting to selling, we deal with every real-estate requirement that you can think of. Apart from that, there are a large number of vendors associated with us who specialize in several home and repair services. So, you don’t have to think twice before approaching us with your requirements.

  • Buying

If you want to buy a new property, you can find it on our portal. We have an extensive range of real estate properties listed at our portal. You can easily choose your favorite one from them. All the major builders are associated with us and so, quality is never a compromise. You can buy both commercial and residential properties of the highest quality easily through our web portal.

  • Renting

Our collection of properties for rent will provide you with a large number of options to choose from. So, if you are looking for a property for rent, you can find it here. We deal in both commercial and residential properties for rent and you can even enlist your property if you want to rent it.

  • Selling

Do you want to sell your property? We have the largest portal in this regard and you can list your property with us to get the best buyers. With us, you are assured to get the amount that you are looking for for your property. You can list both commercial and residential properties for sale.

Home & Handyman Repair Services

We have a number of home and repair services under our belt. Whether you need a deep cleaning service or carpentry and woodwork service for your newly set up home or workplace, the service professionals associated with us are always there to aid you in times of need.

Latest Property Deals With us, you get the latest of property data. Whether you want to buy or sell, or if you are searching for real estate market data, you can find it all here.

Continents we Cover 

With us, you can buy or sell or rent properties all over the world. We cover all the seven continents viz. Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America. And, you can easily find a property for rent or sale with our large list of real estate properties throughout these seven continents.

  • Builders/Agents

All the big names in building and all the big agents are associated with us. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the property you are buying. With us, it’s all about great deals at an excellent price.

  • Maximum Choices

With a large number of options to choose from, your property requirements are sure to be met. New properties are added every hour which is sure to help you find the right home or commercial property you are looking for.

  • Buyers Trust Us

With 2 million+ monthly visitors, we are the favorite choice of buyers. With our range of properties and quick and easy deals, we have earned the buyers’ trust. We have been providing real estate services for years now, and you can trust us like many others already do, for meeting your buying or renting needs.

  • Sellers Prefer Us

Thousands of properties are listed and posted daily, making us the biggest platform for selling and renting properties. You can easily list your property with us and you can be assured that you’ll get the best buyer.

  • Expert Guidance

If you are in doubt or have any query regarding buying or selling or renting properties, you can avail guidance and advice from the leading industry experts associated with us.

Home Loan

Easy home loan facilities are also available with us. So, if you are looking for a loan for buying your new property, you can always get assistance from us.

Home Services that we Specialize in

How many times have you had the need for cleaning services for your home? Or, maybe woodworking services? We have a large number of vendors connected with us providing all and every service that you may possibly need for your home. Be it packing and moving or fabrication or locksmithing services, we are your one-stop solution for all your real estate requirements.

For your convenience, we have classified the services into 20+ broad categories.

Carpentry and Woodworking Services

The carpentry or woodworking services that our vendors provide, range from building new wooden walls, doorways, or windows, or anything wooden that you can think of, to reconstruction or improvisation of the same. In addition, they also build custom wood products to suit your personal taste and requirements.

Plumbing and Rooter Services

When it comes to plumbing or rooter services, the service personnel teamed with us delivers the best results. Be it faucet adjustment or repair, or geyser installation and repair or any other plumbing actions, they can handle each and all of your plumbing requirements proficiently.

Architecture, Surveyor & Engineer

We are also teamed with specialized architectural services including interior and exterior decorations. You can also get expert land surveyors, draftsmen and construction supervisors, at your convenience for the smooth working of your real estate property.

Cleaning Services

The vendors associated with us also offer exclusive cleaning services for residential or commercial properties. From shopping malls and retail outlets to kitchen and home appliances, they offer deep cleaning services for everything. All, to make sure that your property keeps its brand new look and feel.

Packers & Movers

The vendors connected with us extends their services to packing and moving as well, so you don’t have to face any problem while relocating. They also specialize in moving oversized objects like vehicles, piano or industrial items.

Aluminium Fabricators

The service professionals teamed with us specialize in aluminium fabrication work. Thier expert team of aluminium fabricators can shape anything out of aluminium. From aluminium doors to panel work, they can design anything of aluminium.

Packing and Unpacking

The packing and unpacking service includes careful packing of your precious items and unpacking of the same after relocating. The team of professionals connected with us specialize in packing fragile items and guarantee that none of your items get damaged.

Keys and Locksmiths

The vendors associated with us also specialize in keys and locksmith services. Be it a commercial or residential or even an automotive one, the expert locksmiths can handle any situation with your locks. From high-security commercial locks to electronic ones, their locksmiths are experts in handling any and every type of locks with ease.

Bathroom Plumbing

Under the bathroom plumbing services comes bathroom renovation, toilet seat installation, installation of radiant floor heating systems and many more. In short, with our teamed vendors, you’ll get all the services you may ever need with your bathroom.

Fabricated Fireplace Unit Installation

We associate with vendors who are the experts when it comes to installing fabricated fireplace units. There are several advantages of fabricated fireplace units like the generation of huge quantity of heat, clean-burning, etc. and you can get a hold of them once you choose to avail of the services.

Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen plumbing services include the installation of kitchen items like faucets, sinks, geysers, water purification systems, etc. The service professionals also repair kitchen essentials like geysers, solar heaters, etc.

Septic Tank Installation & Repair

Septic tank installation is a very profitable service that our vendors deal with. In addition, they also provide repairing services for the same. A septic tank comes with several advantages like it has low maintenance cost and most of them are long lasting. And, the professionals we attach with are the experts in dealing with installation or any issue with septic tanks.

Furniture Maker

The team of furniture makers we associate with build furniture ranging from tables, beds, sofas, and any other to suit your personal requirements. The expert team can make any and every type of furniture for beautifying your home decor.

Molding Installation

The service personnel we team with also specialize in molding, i.e., the designs used in the walls or ceilings of a home. Moldings can act as sealants and keep the cracks out of view. With their expert molding services, this utilitarian artwork can easily be introduced in your home.

Electrician Services

Expert electrician services too are under the belt of services that the vendors deal with. Whether you require residential, commercial or even industrial electricians, the experts can provide you with solutions that aptly meet your requirements.

Steel Fabrication

If you need steel fabricators, that too is a part of the specialized services. The expert fabricators that we associate with can shape steel to any finished product. They also provide installation services for steel fabricated products like stainless steel gates, staircases, handrails, etc.

Construction Work

The construction works range from brick walls, retaining walls, and include waterproofing and several other attributes to make a solid construction for your home or workplace. We team with expert construction workers who can proficiently handle any project.

Painting Services

The vendors also provide excellent painting services. With their experienced and skilled painters you are assured to get the brightest finish to your home. The experienced painters are well versed with the latest trends and can give your home or workplace that finesse that you are looking for.

Polishing Services

From floor to metal to wood, your property needs polishing to maintain that fresh and new look. The polishing services are aimed exactly at doing that. Be it a floor that you want to be polished or a steel staircase, the experts associated with us are there to do the needful and give your property a brand new look.

  • Contractors

The vendors connected with us offer several contractor services. Starting from building to painting to carpentry, you name what you want from us and they will deliver that. Particularly, in building construction, the contractors and their team of architects, workers, and whoever is needed are always ready to see to it that your building is constructed properly.

Plant Service and Maintenance

You have plants in your property and they need maintaining like watering, trimming and looking after. We are connected with professionals who offer that service as well. So the plants in your home or workplace which make any environment soothing and healthy, are looked after properly.

  • Building Material Suppliers

We also have professional suppliers teamed with us. Concrete, cement, brick, stone, everything you need for construction work is available with them. They supply only quality raw materials so that your property holds strong.