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  • STORAGE BENCH MAKER: STORAGE MADE FASHIONABLE In a world full of fashionable products, people always try to maintain their fashion statement. Whether it's about clothes or architecture or home products or in any field people always try to do something fashionably innovative.
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In a world full of fashionable products, people always try to maintain their fashion statement. Whether it's about clothes or architecture or home products or in any field people always try to do something fashionably innovative.

Storage Bench Makers are those people, who are making furniture fashionably productive. This is a kind of unique products which serves a great purpose in your home. From the name Storage Bench, it can be defined that the product has two purposes, it will act as a bench to sit on and also allow you to store your stuff inside it. 

Everyone likes to buy new furniture to decorate their home space. But on the other hand, you have a responsibility to keep your home neat and clean as possible. Storage Bench is made that way so that you can keep your home tidy by storing the junk under the bench you sit.

  • Purpose of a Storage Bench:

Furniture making companies are constantly applying new innovative ideas to give us products that will give our home a fashionable and creative look.

Storage benches are one of those products that will serve more than one purpose for you. You can place it in the mudroom or in the entryway of your home. Or you can put this in your bedroom in front of your bed. You can also place the furniture in the living room.

There are many ways a person can use this piece of furniture. And the more you use the more you will realize the value of the product.

  • Our story:

We can assure you that we are the best you can ask for when it comes to Storage Bench makers. We are a company who is working for the past 10 years to provide you just the furniture you need to adorn your home space. With a strong retail network, we have committed to deliver quality products to our customers around the world.

We have an outclass line of products in Storage Bench that will convince you to buy one today. The huge range of Storage Bench products that comes in different shapes and sizes and designs makes us separable from the other manufacturers in the market.

Our products are made of hundred percent genuine raw materials, they are tough to build and quality assured. Therefore when you buy a product from us you only take happiness and satisfaction not any troubles. 

You can completely trust us and rely on our product as we are manufacturing and supplying quality products to our customers from different parts of the world.

  • Choose from a world-class product range:

Our line of products is supported by loyal and trustworthy customers throughout the world. 

We, the Storage Bench Makers are proud to present you our range of products we deliver. Here you can filter your need from a vast range of quality build products that will make your neighbor and friends feel jealous.

  • Cushion Cabinet:

File racks are very boring and untidy to look at. Sometimes you spend hours find the important one among the huge ocean of files and folders.

This furniture is a file cabinet that comes with a comfortable cushion on top. Now you can sit on a bench and store your files under the seat. It will help you to keep your important files aways from everyone’s eyes.

  • Bin Storage:

If you have kids playing around your living room and spreading the toys all around the floor, then this piece of furniture will be the best choice for you to keep your living room organized.

 A comfortable bench or sofa for the living room with room underneath to fit with some baskets.

From now on whenever suddenly a guest comes in you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess up, as you can simply pull out the baskets and stuff the toys in it.

  • Cutlery Couch:

You will feel more productive if your sofa does more than its purpose. When a group of friends comes in, you need to serve them food and beverages in large trays. But these trays take more space in your kitchen when you are not using them.

These couches have a section under them to store cutleries like big trays, or big platters.

Therefore this product is worth buying as it saves a huge space in your kitchen and will make you look creative in front of your friends.

  • Counter Space:

Normal shoe racks are good to store your shoes in an organized way. But wouldn't it be great if you can sit on your shoe rack and tie the lace of your sneakers?

In this product, we have designed a compact mixed shaped shoe rack to fit your boots and your sneakers and flipflops. But apart from that, there is a bench on the top, therefore from now, you don’t have to find a place to sit and tie your shoe.

The unique design is perfect to keep the furniture in the mudroom of your house. And the furniture provides enough room to keep your family’s footwear in one place.

  • Bed-In:

Since our body temperatures constantly change throughout the night, it’s important to have a variety of blankets without having to forage through the top of your closet

This Storage Bench is to be placed in front of your bed. This piece of equipment comes with a cushion covered surface above the closet so that you can sit on it and talk to your partner in the bedroom. And will store the blankets and small pillows so that you can reach out for your essentials quickly at night without disturbing in the sleep.

  • Book Sleeve:

If you are a book-lover and your bookshelf is overflowing, then put your books under your comfortable bench and read freely choosing from your favorites while sitting above. 

We came up with this creative approach to help you read comfortably.

Our other Services:

Apart from being just a Storage Bench maker. We also offer customized woodworks and types of furniture as per required by our customers. Many customers send their designs and drawings to us and we deliver the exact product they want without any complaints.

We also provide repair service for our valued customers. Whenever we receive a complaint regarding our product we send our best carpenters right away at your doorstep so that you don't get a chance to complain more than once. 

We keep pride in what we build and always give value to our customers. 

Connect to get The Best from Us:

We deliver the best products in the market of Storage Bench Making. We have a group of highly trained professional workers working hard on different projects every day to deliver the best from us. In the company, we have creative designers and quality craftsman who make each and every product unique and upscale so that when you shop from us you don’t get into any kind of trouble.

For more services, you can freely contact us on our telephonic channel on +91-9555396371. We accept customer provided customizations. You can always mail us your creative designs and drawings via email at We will be happy to serve you the best from us.